DuoVital Joint Health & Mobility

Jessica Jasper

Jiu Jitsu World Champion

“As a competitive fighter my body and joints are constantly under great stress. I was experiencing significant pain in my knees, hips, and shoulders. After taking DuoVital Joint Health and Mobility for 15 days, the pain had been resolved and my joint movement restored. These results have been maintained for 4 months"


Margaret Burda

Polish Ice Hockey Goalkeeper

DuoVital Joint Health & Mobility is a product easy to take with a slight pleasant taste. Already after a few days of use you will notice relief of joint pain resulting from overloads after training. This is an important factor that allows me to be even more involved in training and fully benefit from the opportunities of everyday life.

As a woman, I also appreciate the added benefits of the DuoVital Joint Health & Mobility ingredients, the improved condition of skin, nails and hair. Hyaluronic acid contained in the product has a significant impact, by allowing you to avoid buying unnecessary preparations and visits to a beautician.

Certainly DuoVital Joint Health & Mobility is a complex, non-invasive and above all, effective !!!


Conrad Wozniak

Physiotherapist Institute of Manual Medicine and Rehabilitation in Lodz (Poland)

Patient data: Mark M. aged 64, Diagnosis:  pain (sharp) in the right hip, diagnosed endoprosthesis surgery and pain in his right knee as a result of overloading (right-hand).

Detailed plan of the rehabilitation of the patient:

Throughout the month of  DuoVital Joint Health & Mobility administration, 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) he came for rehabilitation. I used the following treatment for hip and knee replacement:

– physiotherapy: electrotherapy (Trabert) to the hip 12 minutes. The cathode electrode active knee 10 minutes. 

– massage deep pelvic muscles, abductor, adductor, thigh flexors and rectifiers

– knee: isometric exercises for flexors and rectifiers thigh (10 times for 6 sec.)

– right hip: free active exercises, stretching (set of exercises also performed at home)

– relaxation postisometric on flexors and rectifiers thigh

After the first week of rehabilitation and administration of DuoVital Joint Health & Mobility pain increased in the knee joint and lasted two days and then decreased and currently there is no more pain. Hip is less painful and after treatment greatly improved articular mobility (joint state classified operational)

The  articular joints in both the hip and the knee much better and less painful.


Agata Babicz

28 years, volleyball PGNiG NAFTA Pila

From the age of 13 I played volleyball. Since that time, my joints have experienced significant overload caused by regular workouts. I have been using various supplements to regenerate cartilage but they were not as effective as DuoVital Joint Health & Mobility. This preparation proved to be the ideal product for me. My joints have gained more mobility and I no longer feel pain in the knees. This allows me to work more effectively in training thus better game. 
I recommend the product for everyone not only athletes. 


Adam Szyszka

Graduate AWF Katowice:  Physiotherapist

"In connection with the overload of joints caused by continuous exercise related to occupational and sports activities I felt pain in the knees and joints of the spine.The discomfort led me to try a dietary supplement DuoVital Joint Health and Mobility.

Following the 30 days of treatment I began to feel the positive effects in the form of a significant reduction in pain and an overall improvement in joint flexibility of the body. An additional effect was to improve the quality of skin and my nails were strengthened.

Once I had discernible effects due to the use of DuoVital Joint Health and Mobility I started recommending its use to patients who are undergoing post-operative rehabilitation, post-traumatic and functional training. I noticed that the combination of the use of modern methods of rehabilitation and additional supplementation by administration of DuoVital Joint Health and Mobility gives effect to accelerate the healing process and improve the efficiency and movement of joints. From my experience gained during my education and professional practice, I believe that the use of such a formulation which is DuoVital Joint Health & Mobility has a positive impact not only on people who are ill but I also recommend its use by athletes as part of prevention of injuries and injuries due to joint overload." 



My mobility has greatly improved particularly in the past 2 weeks.  I was even able to pull out some old dance moves at my 70th.

It can't all be coincidental, so I'll give Duo Vital credit where credit is due. I have others who are interested and have directed them to the website.

I am starting a 2 course now as I would like to consolidate my gains.


“I was experiencing significant pain and discomfort 8 months after arthroscopic surgery and had been unable to run for 2 months. An MRI confirmed there was no further damage. After taking DuoVital Joint Health and Mobility for 3 weeks, I was able to run 9 miles. I have continued to experience pain relief for 6 months and continue my physical activities.”

Rick S

“I had been experiencing extensive pain in both hips which had been interrupting my sleep every night for over 3 years. I took DuoVital Joint Health and Mobility and within 2-3 weeks my condition improved and for the past 6 months I have had no issues. I am now on my second cycle with the product and can again notice the difference.”

Angela G

“During my teenage years, I tore my ACL in both knees playing basketball. I also had arthroscopic surgery on one knee. For over 15 years, I have continually suffered quite severe pain and discomfort that has limited my activities. After taking DuoVital Joint Health and Mobility for 14 days, there was a dramatic improvement in my knees. This reduction in pain and discomfort has lasted 6 months. To maintain the results, I am now taking my second 30 day cycle of treatment.”                                                                                               


“I have painful osteoarthritis in my knees, hands and back that made daily activities difficult. My knee was really swollen and my thumb joint was double its normal size. After taking DuoVital Joint Health and Mobility for 3 weeks, the swelling in my knee was gone and my thumb improved. I continued taking the product for 60 days. My knees no longer “pop”, my finger joints are normal, and I have much greater movement in my hands.”


* Individual results may vary. In three controlled clinical evaluations including 170 patients (85 taking DuoVital Joint Health and Mobility) significant pain reduction, improvement in joint stiffness and reduced discomfort with physical activity was reported.
For details of these studies please see Learn More - Clinical Studies
- German Human Study, Vietnam Human Study and Vietnam Gout Study.