German Human Study – DuoVital Muscle Strength & Recovery

Study Design and Research Methods

  • The clinical study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of a new supplement, DuoVital Muscle Strength and Recovery (Myosedam)
  • 50 subjects were enrolled in the study
  • 25 subjects in the active group (DuoVital Muscle Strength and Recovery)
  • 25 in the control group (placebo)
  • The subjects were assessed on day 1 and day 10
  • 3 parameters were evaluated
  • Bench press (10 repetitions)
  • Squat (10 repetitions)
  • One mile run
  • Subject population were 50 professional kickboxers
  • Subjects were given 30 ml of DuoVital Muscle Strength and Recovery or placebo 90 minutes prior to training
  • Subjects trained 3 times per day
  • Weight training
  • Kickboxing training
  • Endurance (1 mile run)


BENCH PRESS (kg) 10 Repetitions


SQUAT (kg) 10 Repetitions


1 MILE RUN (Minutes)


Discussion and Conclusions

  • The plant extracts in DuoVital Muscle Strength and Recovery have demonstrated properties including elevating the capacity for exercise, improving blood flow and stimulating metabolism of fat and carbohydrates into energy
  • The hypothesis is that these substances increase blood flow to reduce lactic acid build up and activate the mitochondria in muscle cells to increase ATP production, the source of energy for muscles
  • In conclusion, using DuoVital Muscle Strength and Recovery prior to physical exercise results in an increase in muscle strength, improved endurance and an improvement in muscle recovery time