DuoVital re-ju-ve-nate Facial Cream

Carrie M

“I have tried many products, with limited success, in an attempt to moisturize my dry skin and smooth fine lines on my face. Over the past 8 months, I have been using DuoVital re-ju-ve-nate and have had outstanding success. Within days of application, my skin had improved significantly, the fine lines had disappeared, my skin had a softer feeling and appeared fresh and glowing. I often receive compliments and get asked what I have done to improve my skin. Similar results have been achieved by friends that have tried the product.”

Cathy S 

“I have noticed an improvement in my skin after using DuoVital re-ju-ve-nate. It is much softer and smoother than before. There is also a reduction in the fine lines. I gave the product to my sister who is quite skeptical and she has also had a positive experience. Her age spots have almost disappeared completely.”                                                                                   


“I really like the feel of my skin since I have been using DuoVital re-ju-ve-nate. It has more volume and smoothness. It is easy to apply and effectively moisturizes my skin. I often receive comments on how nice my skin looks.”


* Individual results may vary. In a user observation study after 30 days of application 22 of 26 patients reported positive results including improved skin moisture, smoothness ans skin tension. For details of this study please see  - Clinical Studies - DuoVital Rejuvenate Facial Cream