Mobility HCC Joint Health

Kelli Dawson: Brisbane Australia

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Maywyns Courage owner Rob Essex "had a injury to his offside knee resulting in continual pain. After using Mobility HCC the results were noticeable. The product has made a difference". Trainer Kelli "There is great improvement! Time would have been a factor but I do believe the product has helped, as you wouldn't usually see that much improvement as a result of time alone"

Mario Stevens: Germany

Nations Cup rider and member of the German championship squad in Jumping

"To ensure the high performance of my horses even in case of high physiological strain I use
Mobility HCC for my horses. Mobility HCC provides all joints with the necessary support to perform at the highest level"


Sandy Glover: South Africa

SA Championship Dressage Rider

I have a 13 year old Namibian Warmblood mare who had very large and puffy joints and was very stiff to ride. She resisted all attempts to bend and flex and instead she just went faster which was very difficult to manage.
After a month on Mobility HCC I felt a remarkable difference in her way of going.
She became much softer to ride and more able to bend and flex her body and joints. 
The joints seemed to ‘shrink’ as all the puffiness disappeared. 
I decided to put her on a second course of Mobility HCC as I was so impressed by what I was feeling and seeing. She has maintained her subtleness and her joints have remained clean with no puffiness evident.
I can highly recommend this product as the results are amazing.


Veterinary Clinic Port Elizabeth

"I recently tried the Mobility HCC on Dr. Hayward’s advice on a horse with a history of unsoundness problems. Within a few weeks the product had made some significant impact and definitely had improved my horse’s flexion to his knees and fetlocks.I have noticed that he is moving a lot better than in the past and that since being on the product that he has recovered a lot quicker from his races. All in all it is a worthy product for a horse that has arthritic problems."

That is a testimony from one of our clients regarding this new and exciting product. It has shown some significant improvements in patients we have given it to and may help your pet with his or her arthritis problems as well.

Lizelle Burchell - Port Elizabeth

To whom it may concern.
I have a 19 year old thoroughbred. He did not have an easy life. He raced in Zimbabwe until the age of 7. Then he went onto jumping. He was on "legend" every 3 months and I felt that he needed it every 2nd month. I then heard about Mobility HCC. It was a sure turn around in his performance. He feels great, is much more energetic and turn much faster in the jump-off. This tells me that he feels much more subtle. I have now given Mobility HCC to my other horses with same results. Mobility HCC is magic in a bottle.


* Individual results may vary. These statements represent reported results. However there has been no formal evaluation conducted in horses.