Mobility DC Joint Health

Toby: Dallas TX

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Toby has now taken Mobility DC on two occasions with the same excellent results. From his first treatment to his second treatment was approximately 6 months. On both occasions he rapidly declined to the point of not going down stairs and not wanting to walk outside. Within 15 days of starting using Mobility DC he was back to being very active, despite his age. As his breed is prone to arthritis he will now be given Mobility DC at least every 6 months. I cannot see him in pain again.

 Otis: Sydney

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"My 14 year old Labrador Otis has had arthritis in his hips for several years.  It has been becoming steadily worse to the point where he can barely be taken out for a walk.  About two years ago he was in so much pain whimpering so I  rushed him to the vet where he was started on a course of Cartrophen.  This did relieve his pain and after a few months I stopped giving the medication to him as I was concerned about the potential side effects of this medication.

A few months ago I was introduced through a friend to  Mobility DC which is an hyaluronic acid based liquid I could give to Otis with his food once daily for one month. 

I did a little research on the product and  I was impressed with the Clinical studies that have been conducted on both humans and dogs.

I was a little concerned that Otis wouldn't take the product but it was sweet and he enjoyed his daily dose.  I saw results within 2 weeks and although the improvements aren't huge, he is 14 so I have to be realistic.

But there are definite improvements, he seems a lot more comfortable, plays with the younger dog in the house and enjoys his walks now.  

I would certainly recommend this produce to fellow pet owners if their pet suffers from joint pain or arthritis"  Sophia

Rick S: Dallas TX

"After personally having such a positive experience using DuoVital Joint Health and Mobility I asked if it could assist my ailing 11 year old labrador, Maggie. For a number of years her mobility has been declining, she no longer wanted to play and had lost her appetite. The results have been quite dramatic. Her mobility has improved significantly, she no longer appears in pain and has regained the activity she had 3-4 years ago."

Hazel Schreiber: Port Alfred

To all at Kowie Vet

As you know, early this year, Colonel, my nine year old Labrador was in agony from a crack in his spine. We fully expected that this wonderful dog would have to be sent to doggy heaven. We were divested. However on your advice he was sedated and kept extremely quiet for ten days. He started to improve and we went through various pain medications to ease his awful pain.

You then suggested a course of Mobility DC and on it he went it the results were amazing! Just look at him now!!. I know we have to keep him quiet as he will always have a very bad back, but he doesn’t know that, and every so often chases the neighbour’s cats, the postman and rubbish removal truck.

Because of the lack of pain he has become a young dog again. Both my elderly Belgian Malinois have also been on a course, and they too are bouncing around like puppies.
Thanks so much to all of you at Kowie Vet and to  Mobility DC which has done wonders.
Kind regards


* Individual results may vary. In a study evaluating the lameness of 29 dogs after 15 and 30 days of treatment, veterinarians assessed that 72% of the dogs had improved while the owners assessed that 93% (27 out of 29) had improved. For details of this study please see Learn More - Clinical Studies - German Dog Study.