Cascade of Inflammation in Joints

-Trouble-free joint function hinges on two seemingly mundane substances, water and hyaluronic acid

-The hyaluronic acid anti-inflammatory properties can potentially impact the debilitating consequences of everyday wear and tear

-Keeping the synovial hyaluronic acid healthy – even replenishing it – is at the heart of maintaining equine soundness

-Daily wear and tear an equine athlete imposes on its limbs causes minor inflammation in the joint capsule, which can lead to several enzymes that can damage local tissue – hyaluronic acid can bind to these enzymes before damage becomes extensive

-Excessive inflammation leads to the breakdown of hyaluronic acid

-This can set off a cascade effect - Hyaluronic acid cannot retain as much water and the synovial fluid loses viscosity

-Due to excessive concussion, a variety of inflammatory substances are released, (enzymes, cytokines, prostaglandins, and free radicals) commencing a cascade of inflammation to the joint

-Bone surfaces then rub on each other, producing more inflammation breaking down the HA even further

-The inflammatory cascade compromises the integrity of the joint cartilage

-The build-up of inflammatory fluids within the joint capsule increases the pressure within the joint, leading to pain and stiffness

-Increased weakness of the cartilage leads to more wear, increased inflammation and pain, with increased degradation 

Break the cycle of destruction before it causes irreparable harm to the joint