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Mobility Health is excited to offer a range of new dietary supplements and natural products to improve the health and well being of humans, companion pets and horses.

The products were developed by German scientists and have been subject to extensive scientific evaluation and clinical testing to demonstrate effectiveness and safety.
The range of natural products include supplements for joint health and mobility, stress and anxiety, muscle strength and recovery and a treatment for skin aging. 

A range of Mobility Health’s products is based on breakthrough scientific research on the oral absorption of hyaluronic acid.   Hyaluronic acid has long been recognized as a vital component of the synovial fluid in joints, providing cushioning and lubrication for all joints.

Historically the challenge has been to develop a product that is active orally. After an extensive research program, the molecular size of the hyaluronic acid in the DuoVital and Mobility product lines has been optimized for oral uptake and formulated with synthetic honey to stabilize the products to maintain function.

Hyaluronic acid has been approved in many global markets for direct injection into both human and animal joints. (hyaluronic acid video link)

Western medicine is in the process of discovering the marvels and full potential of hyaluronic acid which is being broadly investigated in the scientific community. (documentary video link)

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