Muscle Strenght and Recovery

Muscle Strength and Recovery is a supplement specially formulated to the needs of active athletes and performance horses by increasing strength and shortening of recovery periods. Testimonials

Kristina Vogel dual Olympic champion and 6 times world champion endorses Duo Vital Muscle Strength and Recovery

Kristina's trainer now schedules shorter and more intensive training programs for her as she can now achieve in 8 weeks what previously took 12 weeks training and because Kristina is drug tested every week we know it meets WADA requirements

Celebrating Gold in Rio

It's 100% plant extract formula has demonstrated properties including elevating the capacity for exercise, improving blood flow and stimulating the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates into energy, thus improving sports performance.

The science is that the herbal formula activates the mitochondria in muscle cells to increase ATP production, the source of energy for all muscles, reducing recovery time.

Users of Muscle Strength and Recovery have reported improved performance's after using the product notably more effective training.